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Gwen Aatlo

THE Humble Hairstylist

I realized that I wanted to be a hairstylist when I was only four years old. A haircut at a hole-in-the wall salon next to my parents’ jewelry store made me feel prettier and more mature than I had ever before…in all of those four years. As I confidently strutted back, holding up my corduroys that were a size too big, I realized then and there that I wanted everyone to feel the way I was feeling in that exact moment. My desire to uplift people’s self-confidence through the power of bleach and blow dryers only deepened as I would watch makeover shows while growing up; practically jones-ing for the big reveal. If it was really good, the guest would cry when she saw the potential she had had all along, and ironically, would ruin her makeup! There were quite a few years of treating my friends and family like lab rats, everyone getting high off of ammonia in poorly ventilated bathrooms, before I happily made my way to cosmetology school in Santa Monica, CA. After getting licensed, I went on to learn from some amazing artists, as well as getting to work with the ladies I opened FRAMED Salon with in early 2014. My love for this industry deepened every day as I got to experience it more. I’m incredibly fortunate to get to say I love what I do. My only hang-up with the industry is the elitist attitude I perceive in a lot of stylists. Vidal Sassoon would have been nowhere without his model Twiggy. I am grateful for the skill set I have, but ultimately I am lost without you and I consider each of you to be the conditioner to my shampoo. It is, and has always been, my goal to help you find what makes you happy and confident. I truly believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and everyone deserves more good hair days. Whether you are a supermodel, a rock star, a mom--or all of the above, I stand behind the chair as your Humble Hairstylist.


-FRAMED Salon, Santa Monica 2014-present
-FRAMED Salon Studio, West Hollywood  2013-14
-Byu-ti Hair Therapy 2009-13
-Redken Color Certified
-Redken Symposium Atendee
2015, 2013, 2011
-Intimate/hands-on training- Sam Villa, Chris Baran, Ellen Lawlor, Andi Scarbrough and Natasha Sunshine
-Licensed by California’s Board of Barbering and Cosmetology
-Studied at Santa Monica City College



Women’s Haircut $85
Men’s Haircut $50


Base Color from $100
Base Color & Pulled thru ends from $120
Base with 10 foils from $150
Gloss from $90
Partial Highlight from $140
Full Highlight from $170

Styling and Treatments

Upstyle from $85
Blowout $50
Extensions-Per consultation
Keratin treatment-per consultation

My Portfolio


“Gwen has helped transform my hair from boring to awesome. I can’t tell you how many people stop and compliment me on my highlights and color combo since I have been seeing her. Not only does she listen to what you want, the girl knows what’s up! I have very fine hair and was really worried about over-processing, but my hair has never been in better condition.” –Tracy S.


“Gwen is AMAZING!! She has an incredible eye and truly listens to what you want while adding in her personal touch! Highly recommended!!” –Jessica F.


“I have had many hairstylist in my lifetime and I can honestly say Gwen is the best. She knows how to style my difficult, frizzy hair and make it look beautiful both straight and curly. She offers suggestions and my hair always turns out better than I expected. I always look forward to my haircuts because not only does my hair look great after, I love hanging at her salon and catching up with her!” –Courtney S.

Find Me

The Humble Hairstlyist works at FRAMED Salon.

2821 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: (323) 907-2979

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